LCT – LCK-12 EBB Carbine Replica



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LCT – LCK-12 EBB Carbine Replica

Known for the manufacture of high-quality replicas from beyond the eastern border, Taiwanese LCT, presents an excellent replica – LCK-12!

The replica was made from highest-quality components with a great care for details and a resemblance of the original. Almost the entire replica, aside from some small elements, was made from steel. The only exception is of course the polymer ergonomic pistol grip, stock and gas pipe caps featuring RIS rails.

Considering the materials used and the quality of craftsmanship, the replica is characteristic for its considerable durability. There are no loose spots or instances of inaccurate manufacture and alignment of elements. The entire construction appears as a single, solid element. Internal parts allow for an easy tuning, providing at the same time a long and seamless operation at stock. 

The replica features a number of improvements, never seen before in this type of replicas. The top of the dust cover features a cover equipped with a RIS rail and an aperture iron sight (removable). Barrel caps feature RIS rails, which enables the attachment of various accessories such as a tactical forward grip, a flashlight or a laser sight. The fire mode selector plate features a special platform that improves operation using the index finger. The pistol grip is made of durable polymer and it has an ergonomic profile. 

The replica has a stock with adjustable length that folds to the side of the receiver, which allows for easier transport and storage of the replica as well as its usage in tight corners during CQB scenarios. 

This replica in EBB version features a complete, and to a large degree compliant with the original, bolt carrier. EBB recoil imitation system in this case is very noticeable due to the movement of the entire, complete bolt carrier not just a replica of the charging handle, as is the case in replicas by other manufacturers. Biggest satisfaction can be derived, of course, when the fire mode selector is set to full-auto!

The use of a modified gearbox frame was necessary for correct operation of the entire system. Another point of interest is the implementation of a full-steel, monolithic piston equipped with a special latch that is responsible to setting the entire bolt carrier group in motion. 

Remaining parts of the gearbox are fully compatible with gearbox V3 standard. 

Guaranteed by the replica muzzle velocity of ~420 FPS makes this rifle an ideal choice for any assault trooper. Durability, as well as the quality of the craftsmanship, allows for the usage of this replica not only during ordinary airsoft skirmishes but also as a prop or a simulation weapon.

The replica has a stock with adjustable length that fold to the side of the receiver, which allows for easier transport and storage of the replica as well as its usage in tight corners during CQB scenarios. 

The replica comes with a polymer, Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 130 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes: 

– replica
– magazine

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