Lufa precyzyjna 6,02 – 469mm



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6.02mm Precision Barrel
– 469mm

Specna Arms is a renowned brand on the airsoft market.
We meet the expectations of our clients and introduce high-quality internal
parts as separate products. From now on pistons, cylinders, nozzle, gearbox
frames and many others will be available for purchase. This will allow you to
create a replica with maximum performance. Specna
Arms does not fall behind – it constantly grows and perfects its products in
order to provide its clients with optimal solutions on the airsoft market.

A carefully-finished, internal
precision barrel with a diameter of 6.02 mm. This product by Specna Arms was made of stainless steel and features an
exceptional crown. The barrel has laser-engraved manufacturer markings.
Attention: It is worth to remember that implementing a 6.02 precision barrel
requires the use of high-quality BBs.

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