M41A Pulse Rifle Replica – Black

M41A Pulse Rifle Replica – Black


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M41A Pulse Rifle Replica – Black

A replica of a fictional M41A Pulse Rifle that constituted a standard issue equipment of Colonial Marines and at the same time being one the most iconic, next to Han Solo’s blaster and a Space Marine bolter, weapon from the science-fiction genre. The original appeared the movie “Aliens” in 1986 that was the second part of a saga about Ellen Ripley and her fight with Aliens that inhabited the depths of space. In an instance, it dominated the imagination of every science-fiction fan that is also an enthusiast in military and firearms.

M41A Pulse Rifle replica is based on a proven SW-05 model by Snow Wolf, which allowed to make it easily accessible for every Aliens fan (or a fan of Sci-Fi altogether). Thus far, the construction of M41A required significant financial means – the acquisition of a M1A1 replica and the installation of the conversion kit on your own. Now, thanks to the introduction of a ready product to the market, it is possible to achieve a better effect at a significantly lower cost.

The replica was made of a uniform zinc and aluminum alloy as well as durable polymer. Thanks to an expandable stock and rounded shape, the use of the replica is reasonably comfortable (taking into account its monstrous size). 

The replica features a shot counter, counting down from 95 to 0. It is important to note that upon zeroing the counter, counting starts again after taking out and reinserting the magazine.

The replica is powered by standard, short magazines for SW-05 with a capacity up to 190 BBs. It is vital to note that other magazines for SW-05 are not compatible with the replica. Magazines are loaded on principle of internal inserts – in order to change the magazine, it is necessary to open the lower flap that safeguards the socket.

The replica is powered by a stick battery located in the front, under the barrel, in the grenade launcher replica. 

Without a doubt it is not a typical replica for Sunday games, however, due to its symbolism, uniqueness and pure fun that firing it provides, it will be loved by every fan of science-fiction.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– M41A replica 
– magazine
– cleaning rod

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