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M41A Pulse Rifle replica 

The replica of a fiction M41A Pulse Rifle that is a standard issue of the Colonial Marines and simultaneously being and of the iconic weapons of the science-fiction genre – of course next to the Han Solo’s blaster and the Space Marines’ bolter. The original of this rifle was shows in the movie “Aliens” in 1986 which was the second part of the saga about Ellen Ripley’s struggles with the aliens living cavernous depths of space. Momentarily the weapon dominated the imagination of every science fiction fan loving the military sector and weapon branch.  

The M41A Pulse Rifle replica was built on the base of a combat-proven SW-05 model made by the Snow Wolf company. This allowed easy access to the replica for every “Aliens” series fan or anyone loving science-fiction in general. So far, the construction of the M41A required enormous funds – you needed to buy a M1A1 replica and then you had to mount the very expensive conversion all by yourself. Now, thanks to introducing the new ready product to the market, it is possible to achieve an even better effect with a smaller amount of money. 

 The replica was made of a homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy and of a durable polymer plastic. Thanks to the foldable stock and cylindrical shape, the operation of the replica is rather comfortable ( taking into consideration the enormous size  of the replica ). 

 The replica is equipped with a functional firing counter, counting down from 95 to 0. It is vital to zero the counter while the count begins again only after taking  out the old magazine and replacing is with a new one.

The replica is fed with standard short SW-05 magazines that hold 190 BB pellets. You need to remember that other magazines do not fit the SW-05 replica. The magazines are loaded with the use of internal cartridges – in order to change the magazine it is necessary to open the lower flap securing the magazine’s well. 

The replica has a 270mm long inner barrel and a pneumatic mechanism giving the muzzle velocity of about 360 FPS. The replica is powered with a stick type battery that is located in the grenade launcher dummy that is in the front under the barrel. 

This surely isn’t a typical replica for weekend games, yet bearing in mind its symbolic, uniqueness and pure fun that the shooting the replica gives on airsoft events it will surely find recognition in the eyes of many science-fiction fans.

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The set includes:

– the M41A replica,
– the magazine,


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