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M9A1 pistol replica (CO2)

Sidearm replica M9A1 by KJW was made almost entirely from metal – the only exception, aside from certain internal elements, are the grip side linings made from polymer. 

The replica is equipped with a very effective Blow-Back system that gives the action of firing the replica an additional dose of realism; once all BBs have been shot and an empty magazine is detected, the slide is locked in rear position – as is the case in live firearm original. In the rear section of the slide is located a comfortable, double-sided safety. The replica has an adjustable Hop-Up. In order to gain access to it, the slide needs to be removed. 

The magazine was made from metal. It has a capacity of up to 26 BBs and a 12g CO2 capsule. Due to the usage of carbon dioxide as a power source for the replica, it is possible to use it in lower temperatures than it is possible in the case of the most common power source – green gas.  At the same time, thanks to the implementation of appropriately selected valves, the efficiency of the gas is much improved.


The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– hex key

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