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M9A1 v.2 pistol replica (LED Box) – silver

M9A1 v.2 pistol replica by WE patterened on the most popular Italian pistol. The replica was performed with great accuracy and attention paid to details. The slide, the frame and the magazine were made of metal, whereas only grip covers, as in the real steel, were made of plastic. The covers are removable and have scrabrous non-slip texture.The performance and matching quality is visible and felt once one grabs the pistol. The materials used make the replica’s weight related to the real steel.

Under the barrel a 22mm RIS mounting rail was placed, thanks to which the replica may be equipped with various additional accessories – a laser pointer or tactical lights. In the back part of the slide there is a double-sided safety lever equipped with a decocker. The lever is at the same time the fire selector, as M9A1 v.2 possesses possibility of sustained fire.

Thanks to the usage of a strong blow-back system it was also possible to imitate the operation of a real steel – the system engages the mock slide which returns after each shot and when the magazine is empty it stays in the back position. Thus, the shooter feels the effect of the replica movement which imcreases pleasure and impression. M9A1 is also known for its smooth-operating trigger.

A metal magazine, which apart from a CO2 capsule rooms 26 BBs, goes together with the replica.

M9A1 v.2 is packed in a plastic transportation case with white LED highlights. The system is supplied by 3 AAA batteries.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– manual
– LED Box transportation case

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