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Maxtact – Derringer (Full Metal – Black)


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Maxtact – Derringer (Full Metal – Black)

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Maxtact – Derringer (Full Metal – Black)

This pocket palm-pistol was given its moniker due to a misspelling of Deringer’s name. Its diminutive size, which was designed with ease in mind, is sufficient for its double barrels to neutralise your opponents while still being small enough to be undetected.

The main material used to build the pistol is alloy. It can be opened by pulling up on the front end of the pistol to reveal the breach, or by rotating the release hinge on the right side of the pistol 180 degrees to point to the front of the weapon. Then, all you have to do to load it is insert a BB into each gap. After that, just shut the cannon and put the hinge back in place (all the way up).

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