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MAXX MODEL – CNC Aluminium Hop Up Chamber M4A – PRO 


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  • Length: 51.65mm
  • Height: 37.75mm
  • Hub Outer Diameter (for the gearbox): 11mm
  • Hub Outer Diameter (for the outer barrel): 12mm
  • Hub Inner Diameter (to the nozzle): 8mm
  • Feeder Outer Diameter (for magazine): min 8.85mm
  • Feeder Length (for magazine): max 6mm

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In stock

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MAXX MODEL – CNC Aluminium Hop Up Chamber M4A – PRO

A Hop-Up chamber called the CNC M4A – PRO was developed in association with the Maxx Model Products company. The business is renowned for offering premium tuning components for airsoft replicas that can satisfy even the most discerning players. The CNC M4A – PRO chamber is distinguished by its almost flawless workmanship and precision.

The best Hop-Up chamber made specifically for tuning M4/M16 reproductions. The most discerning players will appreciate Maxx Model Products’ rotary chambers, which have unmatched craftsmanship, flawless HU system operation, and exact workmanship.

Included in set:

1 x CNC chamber with BB Latching system
2 x Clear CNC vinyl cover
2 x 2.5mm CNC Brass Side Wing
1 x Steel CNC Pivot Pin
1 x Hop Up CNC aluminium arm
1 x Aluminium Soft Round Nub CNC
1 x Aluminium Soft Flat Nub CNC (4mm)
1 x Aluminium Hard Concave Nub CNC (4mm)
3 x Steel Nub Spring
1 x Steel CNC spring guide
1 x Steel top compression spring
1 x Steel central compression spring
1 x Delrin Locking C-Clip CNC
1 x Brass CNC Barrel Spacer
1 x Brass Spacer Holder Oring
1 x CNC aluminium adjustment knob
1 x Aluminium Inlet CNC Adapter (11mm)
1 x Brass Inlet Spacer CNC