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MB11D sniper rifle replica with scope and bipod 

The replica is made of metal and wood. The stock and the body are made of wood while as the stock’s foot and the magazine with its jaws are made of plastic. The barrel, the bolt, the trigger, the cocking handle and the upper body with the 22mm RIS rail are made of plastic. 

Due to its length the replica is taken apart into two parts thanks to what its transport is facilitated. After unscrewing two hex screws with the use of the wrench included in the set the replica is disassembled in to the barrel assembly with the trigger mechanism and the body with the stock. 

The set includes a scope that has got a 3 to 9 times magnification and the aperture of 40mm. the adjustable bipod is mounted on the RIS rail and its height can be adjusted from 190mm to 260mm.

The set includes: 

– The MB11D spring-action sniper rifle replica
– A 3-9×40 scope
– A scope RIS mount
– A bipod
– A low-cap type magazine holding 30 BB pellets
– A hex wrench

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