MB4412D Sniper Rifle Replica – with Scope and Bipod – Black

MB4412D Sniper Rifle Replica – with Scope and Bipod – Black


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Sniper Rifle Replica – with Scope and Bipod

MB4412D is
a spring-action, sniper rifle replica by WELL. The internal construction was
based on previous, well-known MB series replicas. The replica is a bolt-action, which means that it needs
to be reloaded before each shot. The replica was made from metal and fiber glass
reinforced nylon.
Metal parts include: massive
outer barrel
, top RIS rail base, all RIS mounting rails, stock slide and,
of course, the internal mechanism with the trigger mechanism and charging
handle. Nylon parts include: the cradle, pistol grip and the stock.

The replica
comes with 5 universal, 22mm RIS
mounting rails,
which allows for attachment of a wide array of optical
sights and additional accessories, e.g. a bipod. The construction of the
replica comprises of 3 main elements:
the front cradle with RIS rails, trigger mechanism with the barrel and rear
cradle with pistol grip. Assembly of said parts lasts only a moment and
requires the use of hex screws. Such solution significantly simplifies the
transport of the replica

regulation knob is located underneath the cradle. This allows for immediate
access, due to which Hop-Up can be adjusted as thing develop, even while
firing. An adjustable stock, well-known from M4 replicas, is foldable to the
side of the receiver. The replica features a comfortable, profiled pistol grip.

high-quality internal mechanism is very well fitted together. This allows for
exceptionally smooth operation, whereas the reloading process is fluid and
seamless – as is the operation of the trigger. Straight out of the box, the
replica has a muzzle velocity of
approximately 400FPS,
inside was placed a long and effective 510mm long internal barrel.

addition, inside the box can be found a solid, metal bipod with adjustable length (mountable on a 22mm RIS rail)
as well as 3-9×40 scope with
continuously adjustable zoom
, two-part RIS mount and a set of lens covers.

The replica
also comes with a metal, low-cap magazine with a capacity of 30 BBs.

The set includes:





      Speedloader for the






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