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Purpose: M4/M16 Replicas
Material: Metal
Weight: 560 g
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Specna Arms

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Metal Receiver for M4/M16 Assault Rifle Replicas

Specna Arms is a brand that has already managed to mark its name in the minds of airsoft enthusiasts as a combination of quality encountered only in high quality replicas with a very reasonable price. Thanks to many years of experience and active participation in the evolution of airsoft combat measures, SA offers products tested in extreme conditions.

A metal receiver manufactured by Specna Arms is characteristic for its quality craftsmanship and durability. At the top is an integrated 22 mm mounting rail. Due to the use of a metal body the gearbox is offered a significantly better protection against damage. In addition, elements such as the charging handle and an operational slide lock noticeably increase the level of realism. The shell ejection window is opened using the charging handle. The receiver is intended for standard gearboxes without SAEC system.

The body does not fit replicas equipped with the ESA system - EDGE and CORE.

The set includes:

receiver with a charging handle and a fire mode selector plate

magazine release button

– bolt catch


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