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MG42 machinegun replica

Thanks to AGM company, another real treat for history weaponry and historical airsoft enthusiasts has emerged on the market. A long awaited replica of well know, introduced in 1942 machinegun Machinengewehr 42 – MG42. A weapon that in hands of III Reich (but not only!) soldiers sow terror on all fronts of World War II and during the years it gained cult status.

It can be determined at first glance that this is no toy but a solid piece of metal. The dimensions and details are as close to original as they can be, additionally thanks to full-metal structure the weight is also righteous – it weighs nearly 7kg. The only parts made from polymer are pistol grip (just like in the original) and bb loader in the magazine.

Basic components of the replica – receiver, outer barrel, barrel cover and receiver cover – were made from homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy. The bipod, magazine, charging handle, magazine mount cover and other small elements, like sight base and barrel change lever were made from steel. The whole is painted in matte black color, which gives very realistic impression.

The replica’s stock, just like in the original, is made from natural, painted wood. Inside of the stock there is place for accumulator. The hop-up adjustment lever is located under the receiver cover. Solid, steel bipod can be folded and secured under the barrel. The original MG42 could be used as anti-aircraft gun, hence the replica is equipped with set of AA type sights.

For powering ‘The Hitler’s Saw’, a specially designed, reinforced two-part gearbox was installed. Inside it has a set of steel gears, chrome cylinder, driven piston head with bearing and 8mm ball bearings. Additionally it has efficient, long 600mm inner barrel. The gearbox has quick spring change system.

MG42 is fed from electric powered BOX type magazine, which is true copy of the original one. It’s shell is made entirely from steel. The magazine can store 2500 bb’s and is powered by 4 AA type batteries (not included).

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– user manual
– battery
– charger

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