Mikroskop Opticon Edu Lab z wyświetlaczem LCD



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An advanced, modern microscope for demanding users, intended for both amateur and professional use.

The microscope offers an optical magnification range of 17x-55x and a digital magnification of 17x-220x. Standard accessories include: The LCD microscope, Power cable, Power cable with data transmission (image display on the PC), Observation table, preparations for observation, remote control, and a power cube, interchangeable filters for observing samples with different transparency properties.

The microscope is equipped with a coaxial macro and micrometric screw ensuring extremely precise and comfortable focusing.

Opticon Edu Lab also allows you to conduct regular visual observations. This microscope will be perfect for a student’s desk, as the heart of a young scientist’s home laboratory, as well as in the studio of a professional botanist or vet. Edu Lab is an excellent choice, regardless of whether you intend to conduct school experiments or perform professional sample expert opinions.

Top-tier optics, based on carefully crafted lenses made of precious glass, guarantee bright, clear and contrasting images of the microworld. Opticon Edu Lab is an instrument that will last for years, designed with thousands of hours of work, learning and fun in mind.

Optical devices of the Opticon brand are made of tested, safe materials. The equipment is covered by a two-year full manufacturer’s warranty.

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