Modify Flat-hop bucking



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Made of: rubber
Designed for: BB pellets >/=0,25g
Color: black
Weight: 5g
Manufacturer: Modify

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Modify Flat-Hop bucking

The Hop-Up chamber is made of high quality rubber and thanks to this it keeps its properties also in low temperatures while it does not harden just like it takes place in the place of an ordinary rubber. It is perfect for both, typical conditions and in below-zero temperatures – it keeps its properties even at the temperature reaching 40 degrees below zero.

It is adapted to work with BB pellets that are 0,25g or heavier, it is not recommended to use 0,20g BB pellets or lighter.

The set includes a spacer.

    What is the Hop-Up system?


The Hop-Up system is a system giving the BB pellet shot by airsoft replicas a spin movement. It uses the Magnus effect to flatten the trajectory of a flying bullet and, therefore, it makes it look similar to the trajectory of a real firearm’s bullet.


In reality, it is a properly shaped rubber or silicon seal that by touching a sped BB pellet gives it a rotation. The easiest way to explain what the Hop-Up system is to say that a BB pellet that is spun from one side generates more friction to the air so that it can turn. If the rotation will take place in the horizontal axis the BB pellet will turn upwards and compensate the force of gravitation.


The level of how strong the Hop-Up rubber touches the BB pellet determines how strong it will rotate and, therefore, go up. The heavier the BB pellets is the greater must be the pressure of the Hop-Up rubber ( while the heavier BB pellet has a greater inertia and falls down more. quickly ). It works the other way around too – when a light BB pellet will be rotated to strongly it can go above the firing line.

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