Modify Hybrid 6.01mm precision barrel + Hop-Up rubber- 407 mm



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Designed for: the M4A1+ type replicas
Diameter: 6,01 mm
Length: 407 mm
Weight: 50 g
Made of: stainless steel and aircraft aluminum
Manufacturer: Modify

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Hybrid 6.01mm precision barrel + Hop-Up rubber- 407 mm


A new hybrid version of the
barrel made by the well known Modify company is a perfect solution for user’s
that appreciate high precision and high quality of make. The so far unusual
combination of two material – the aircraft aluminum and stainless steel – guarantees
the barrel’s high stiffness and low use. The barrel’s diameter is 6,01mm with
the margin of mistake of 0,02mm on its whole length.


In order to increase the
precision of the shots the shot includes a special o-ring thanks to which the
barrel does not vibrate during shooting. The o-ring needs to be placed in one
of the three cutters located need the barrel’s end and depending on the space
in the barrel.


The steel made precision
barrel is 407mm long and has got the diameter of 6,01 mm and is produced by the
Modify company. The barrel is designed for the M4 replicas series and other
replicas equipped with a barrel that has got a similar length.


In order to obtain optimal
results one needs to use the Hop-Up rubber that is included in the set. The
mount of the precise barrel significantly improves the replica’s precision and
range as also the repeatability of the shots.


The mount of the 6,01mm
precision barrel requires the use of high quality BB pellets that have the
diameter of 5,95 (+/- 0,01)mm.

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