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APS – Noveske Shorty 10.5″ Gen 4 Carbine Replica – Green


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APS – Noveske Shorty 10.5″ Gen 4 Carbine Replica – Green


A carbine replica manufactured by EMG, licensed by Noveske Rifleworks LLC. The Noveske company is known in the world of firearms for producing the highest quality firearms. Where everything from complete rifles to parts and accessories are manufactured with the highest accuracy to a specific specification, and then thoroughly verified to maintain the highest quality of their products.

The rifle is made out of metal and plastic. The body, front, outer barrel, guide and all small external elements are made out of metal. The pistol grip, stock and magazine are made out of plastic.

This fully licensed replica has all the manufacturer’s markings consistent with its real firearm counterpart. We can find them on the body, front, magazine and the charging handle. The Gen 4 series replicas are fully compatible for right and left-handed shooters – the magazine release, bolt lock or firing selector, can be found on both sides of the replica. The replica’s body is CNC machined to ensure that all connections are “seamless” like in a real firearm.

The replica is equipped with the NSR-9 front in the M-lok standard and the EPG Alpha pistol grip with the manufacturer’s logo, specially designed for EMG.

The inner barrel is made out of a chrome-molybdenum steel (Cr-Mo) alloy. Due to the unique manufacturing and heat treatment process, grinding the inner barrel not only ensures high tolerance but also increases the barrel’s service life. Compared to other metals, Cr-Mo alloy produces less vibration when firing the replica, which improves the overall accuracy.

The heart of the replica is the V2 gearbox with a quick spring change system, from the latest eSilver Edge series with the High Torque motor. Housed within the replica is the SDU 2.0 chip which is fully programmable. The user is able to change his wherever and at any time he wishes. No additional external devices are needed. To use the chip, press the button located on the bottom of the front part of the gearbox frame. The button is located in the magazine slot. When pressed and held, the red LED should light up. The button should be held down until the LED blinks twice. We have one of five modes available to program:

Mode 1: Safe-Semi-Auto (factory setting)

Mode 2: Safe-Semi-Burst (3)

Mode 3: Safe-Burst (2) -Auto

Mode 4: Safe-Burst (3) -Auto

Mode 5: Safe-Burst(3)-Burst(9)

Double pressing the button or disconnecting the battery will reset the system to factory settings.

The replica comes with a plastic hi-cap magazine with a capacity of 300 BBs

Note! The set does not include a battery or a charger!

Set contains: 

– replica
– magazine
– certificate of authenticity

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