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Experiment, discover, admire!
Educational instrument recommended by experts

A complete kit of a young scientist, which includes all equipment necessary in order to carry out fascinating observations and experiments. The set includes: telescope, educational microscope and a laboratory toolkit – dive into the world of biology, chemistry and astronomy.

In the package you will find prepared slides, which can be used the moment you unpack them, as well as materials for independent preparation of specimens – blank slides, precision task tools, reagent phials. Additionally you will receive a beginner astronomy enthusiast’s kit: sky maps and a superb, richly illustrated book “Starry Trail”, elaborated by experts for beginners in particular. All this in a handy solid case!

Multiview set is a piece of marvelous equipment for beginners and young explorers. It’s a perfect idea for a gift for a young scientist in the form of a high-quality educational toy that can be also used for fun.

Opticon educational instruments are designed to provide what is most important – simplicity of use and strong magnification. High quality lenses guarantee bright, clear and contrastive images of the world in micro and macro scale. Opticon telescope is a perfect tool for watching stars, the Moon, comets and brightest of planets.

Microscope Opticon Lab is a tool, which arouses interest in the world, develops imagination, teaches and entertains. It is recommended for school experiments and home use. With the help of the telescope you may observe many fascinating objects: wings of fly, tentacles of ant, tiny creatures, plant and animal cells, post stamps, micro prints on banknotes, cotton fibres and structure of moss. The microscope has a double system of specimen illumination – with natural light and artificial light.

Both microscope and telescope have distinctive elegant and classic look, which makes them perfect decorative elements in any room or office.

Opticon educational sets are made of tested, safe materials. They are covered with a full 2 year warranty of the producer.

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