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Large telescope + microscope + binoculars!
New! Experiment, discover, admire!
26 pieces – this set will not turn boring!
Educational instruments recommended by experts

A valued educational set for young scientists now available with binoculars! ScienceMaster SE is a unique set of 3 optical instruments, which provide hours of inspiring experiments and observations. ScienceMaster SE is a perfect gift, which arouses curiosity about the world, develops imagination, teaches and entertains.

Lenses are coated with special layers of magnesium fluoride, improving the index of light transmission and guaranteeing natural mirroring of colours. In the central part of the binoculars there are precious glass prisms, built in a German system – Schmidt-Pechan. This ensures wide visual field while the small size of the instrument is maintained. Folded, the binoculars fit in a pocket and comes in handy whenever anything interesting happens. Light and solid body is made of aluminium and padded with a rubber armour. It prevents the binoculars from getting damaged, absorbs punches and guarantees secure grip. Binoculars have also got a practical case, which cazn be attached to a belt.

ScienceMaster SE set is a piece of marvelous equipment for beginners and young explorers. It’s a perfect idea for a gift for a young scientist in the form of a high-quality educational toy that can be also used for fun.

Where necessary you will need stronger magnification – a large telescope of 120x magnification will prove useful. Mounted on a full size tripod this astronomic scope is perfect for star, planet, comet and Moon observations. It will let you watch craters, mountains and seas on a surface of the Silver Planet. Azimuthal head makes the operating of the telescope particularly easy. Thanks to an additional finderscope you can aim terrestrial objects.

Equipped with three objectives and a double system of illuminating the specimen, the microscope offers magnification up to 900x! With this power you will carry out plenty of fabulous experiments – observations of plant cells, microscopic creatures, hairs, leaves, microprints on the banknotes, insects, algae, leaves of moss, fabric fibres… sky is the limit. In the box you will find prepared slides, which can be used the moment you unpack them, as well as materials to prepare your own – slides, precision tools, reagent vials. The set is covered with a full two year warranty of the producer.

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