OPTICON Taurus 70F700 telescope

OPTICON Taurus 70F700 telescope


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OPTICON Taurus 70F700 is a large, extremely universal telescope with a
high observational potential. When designing this instrument, key elements were
kept in mind – the simplicity of use and a powerful magnification

High-quality of lenses guarantees a bright, vivid and contrasting
images of stars, planets and the Moon.
Telescopes from this series are also
excellent for the observation of terrestrial targets – landscapes,
airplanes or bird watching…

In comparison to its lighter equivalent, the standard version of Perceptor
model features even 3 exchangeable eyepieces. Thanks to the reinforced
azimuth head
with a precise adjustment, the telescope is much more stable.
This type of head is characteristic for its ease of use and is
recommended to beginners. The dedicated Barlow lens triples the range of
available magnification settings.

Opticon telescopes are made only of highest-quality materials. A special
exchangeable contrast filter for Moon observation improves the image
quality during full moon, which makes it possible to notice fascinating
details – mountains, seas or craters.
The telescope also features an additional
simplifying the targeting of objects.

Choosing the Taurus telescope provides you with everything you need to enter
the fascinating world of astronomy: sky maps, computer software, practical
manuals, a documentary in HD quality
on DVD as well as a remarkable richly-illustrated
book “Szlakiem gwiazd” (ENG. Following the Star Trail)
written by experts
with beginning cosmos enthusiasts in mind. Only now will you also receive an exclusive
3D gallery
and 3D glasses.

The elegant, classic appearance of the telescope cannot be ignored
either. It will make a fine piece for decoration of any room or an office.

All Opticon telescopes are tested by specialists and subject to a full
2-year manufacturer warranty.

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