P92 Airgun

P92 Airgun


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P92 Airgun

heavy replica of Beretta 92 made
entirely from metal
. The replica fires 4,5 mm
BBs. Powered by 12 g CO2 capsule placed inside a 21 BB
magazine. The pistol operates – like the original live firearm – both in SA(Single
Action) and DA (Double Action) modes. The replica
features original Swiss
Arms markings
on the receiver, a Swiss company manufacturing

trigger can be locked – as in the original – via a double-sided winged safety.
The grip’s spur located above the grip is prolonged and protects the hand from
being hit by the slide during its backward movement. Each squeeze of the
trigger results in the slide being jerked backwards (blow-back),
which cocks the hammer and the returning movement of the slide introduces a BB
into the barrel, from where it is fired with a muzzle velocity of 95 m/s upon the squeeze of the trigger. When
the magazine has been emptied, the slide will remain in rear position. Its
release it possible after interacting with the slide release lever.

grip, in the spot where it meets the hand, features an anti-slip texture – preventing the gun from sliding in
the user’s hand and improving control over it. Due to integrated BAXS system, which
gives a BB a spin, the pistol’s accuracy has been significantly improved.

iron sights consist of the front and rear sights. The rear sight features white
dots imitating high-contrast tritium devices – they make aiming easier in
low-light conditions by significantly speeding it up.

the barrel is a 22 mm mounting rail (in MIL-STD 1913 standard, more
commonly referred to as Stanag2324, Weaver or Picatinny)
enabling the attachment of a tactical flashlight or a laser sight.

pistol belongs to a family of sidearm replicas, which allow for safe shooting
and tactical practice whilst retaining much of realism.

The set includes:

– manual

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