PK-A Red Dot Sight Replica



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Made of: Aluminum alloy + Steel + Plastic
Mount: AK / SWD side rail
Weight: 380g
Colour: Hammer / Gray
Aiming point: dot
Aiming dot color: red
Manufacturer: JJ Airsoft

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PK-A Red Dot Sight Replica 

High-quality, well-known Belarusian PK-A red dot sight. Classic, crude red dot sight used on AK series rifles and similar

The special rail allows the red dot sight to be mounted on most contemporary, eastern structures (for example: AK-74N, RPK-74M, SWD, PKP Peczeneg, RPG-7W etc.) The elements of the mounting clamp are made of steel.

The red dot sight was made very carefully and it reflects the original very well. The body of the red dot sight is made of metal covered with a so-called “Hammer” coating, characteristic for the eastern sights. The adjustment knobs have been correctly reproduced and equipped with plastic covers to prevent accidental misadjustment of the sight.

Features of the sight:

– Strong, full metal construction

– Universal mounting on so-called “dovetail” rails with steel clamp and adjustment.

High degree of reproduction relative to the original.

– Rubber cover for the front glass

– CR2025 battery powered (not included)


In order to properly mount the sight, make sure that the replica has a so-called “dovetail” type rail, the rail is located on the left side of the receiver. Then, unlock the clamp lever to the right. Then put the sight on the side of the barrel and move it towards the stock until the rail is completely covered. If the sight is too loose or won’t slide onto the rail, adjust the clamp using the screw at the bottom of the mount. When the red dot sight has been properly seated on the rail, the assembly should be locked by moving the clamp lever to the left.

The set includes:

– PK-A Red Dot Sight Replica

– Cleaning cloth

– User manual

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