Snow Wolf – PPSH submachine gun replica – Black



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Snow Wolf – PPSH submachine gun replica – Black

The PPSH submachine gun replica by Snow Wolf is made of matel and plastic. Most of the metal exterior parts were made of steel. It is an object of desire for fans of one of the most iconic submachine guns of the Second World War.

A specially designed gearbox was used, with a construction based on v.7 and equipped with a quick spring change system. This allows you to easily change the performance of the replica, adapting it to the current requirements of the situation. The replica is also equipped with a working EBB system, simulating the operation of the bolt carrier, which is typical for firing shots from the real firearm. This effect, combined with the exterior design that is quite realistically reproducing the behavior of the original, increases the level of realism.

The replica has two modes of fire: single and full-auto. The initial muzzle velocity of ~340 FPS makes the replica an effective tool for short and medium range operations. Of course, the spring can be easily changed by a quick spring change. Naturally, the Hop-Up system was also used.

The replica is delivered with two magazines – a drum magazine holding 2000 BBs and an arc magazine holding 540 BBs. It is also adapted to take BBs from arc magazines.

The set contains:

– hi cap magazine for 2000 BBs
– HI CAP magazine holding 540 BBs
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