PR301 Kompetitor Carbine Replica – Black




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PR301 Kompetitor Carbine Replica – Black

APS company presents Kompetitor series. A line of airsoft replicas ideal for users that are only just beginning their airsoft adventure and those that are looking for replicas from an attractive price range, but with solid craftsmanship of both the internal parts and the external mechanism. It is a “budget” line that has a very good price/quality ratio.

The body, stock and handguard were made from a reinforced polymer. The replica features a metal external barrel, stock pipe, magazine and small elements such as trigger, fire mode selector or bullet ejection flap. Access to the hop-up regulation is gained after the cocking handle has been pulled back. The battery is stored inside the handguard.

The replica is equipped with a regulated, collapsible stock with a rubber buttpad. The stock has a short RIS rail for attachment of additional equipment. Another 22mm RIS rail is located under the transport handle, which can be used to mount various optical sights.

The replica features an EBB system – Electric Blow Back, which sets in motion the bolt replica in motion and gives the user an extra dose of realism.

The heart of PR301 is the new V2 APS Hybrid gearbox. Designed and constructed in an innovative, user-friendly way. According to tests conducted by the manufacturer it is 33% more effective in terms of power consumption than a standard version. Equipped with a fast spring release system, which allows for rapid change of muzzle velocity without having to open up the gearbox.

Reinforced gears have been placed on 7mm, metal bearings. Moreover, inside is a half-precise, 6,04 mm in diameter internal barrel, which in conjunction with muzzle velocity of about 330FPS makes PR301 an ideal tool for airsoft combat on short and middle range – including indoor combat and CQB.

Apart from the replica, the set includes a polymer high capacity (300 BBs) magazine.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

–          A replica

–          A magazine

–          A cleaning rod

–          A user’s manual

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