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RAVEN – Hi-Capa R14 Railed – Silver


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RAVEN – Hi-Capa R14 Railed – Silver

What makes a great Airsoft Combat Pistol? One with excellent holstering options? Railed for Torches/Laser Units? Has Doubled Stacked Magazines with a Large Gas Reservoir? Features a Metal Slide with excellent Gas-Blow-Back Action? – RAVEN think all of these things matter, which is why they’re very excited to release their latest GBB Airsoft Pistol – the R14.

The RAVEN R14 brings together concepts found within RAVENs current range of Airsoft Pistols to produce a ‘punchy’ yet efficient sidearm. Starting with the true “powerhouse” of a GBB pistol, the 23 round magazine is “double-stacked” which allows for a lot of gas storage – ensuring you’ll unload the magazine to empty so long as the correct gas is used for the environmental conditions. Surrounding the magazine is the moulded-stipple RAVEN Grip, as well as the “Beaver Tail” safety fitted to the rear (a secure grip must be provided before the trigger is allowed to move to fire). The frame features a Picatinny Accessory Rail – essential for going “full-tactical” with lights & laser units. Bringing this replica together is the R14s slide – very reminiscent of 1911 slides but as it is sitting atop a frame that includes a double-stacked magazine, the R14 has a top-tier “power-to-weight ratio” giving the user a memorable recoil experience. As this slide is profiled to the common 1911 slide, you’ll find plenty of holster options available on the market.

Length(mm) 220
Weight (g) 1645
Fire Modes Safe (Beaver Tail) – Semi
Barrel Length (mm) 113
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails Yes
Main Materials Metal Alloy
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