Reinforced Torus V3 (7mm) gearbox frame



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Designed for: V3 gearbox-equipped airsoft rifles
Materials: metal
Weight: 270g
Colour: Black
Bearing seat size: 7mm
Manufacturer: Modify

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Reinforced Torus V3 (7mm) gearbox frame

The Torus gearbox series by Modify has been designed with the highest durability in mind, for power and speed tunings. The special shape of the fit (interlocking design) eliminates the twisting effect of the frame halves, caused by the operation of the system inside the gearbox.

Frame features:

– increased wall thickness

– increased thickness of the front part of the frame, minimizing the possibility of cracking

– unique interlocking design

 inspection ports enabling the control of components and lubrication of elements without opening the gearbox

– grooves on the walls of the frame increase heat dissipation and provide better resistance to extreme temperatures

– enlarged high-torque screws ensure strong and stable fit of the frame halves, even under heavy load

The set includes:

– frame

– dust cover

– set of 4 screws


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