Replika karabinu wyborowego Barret® SW-016 – tan

Replika karabinu wyborowego Barret® SW-016 – tan


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Rifle replica barret® M98B Mrad – tan

Rifle replica the Barret® M98B Mrad gun from the Snow Wolfstable, which in cooperation with EMGgained a license of its flammable counterpart – Barrett®.

Madeof high quality materials including aluminium. SW-016 as for its dimensions is lighter than competing rifles, thanks to which it is much more handy and comfortable in use.

A major contribution to the reduction in weight rifleu is the use of lightweight aluminium machined on marailch CNC for the production of the upper body. The situation is similar in the case of grooved outer barrelsj, RIS rails and the exhaust brake. The lower body with an integrated flask, grip pistols owy and magazine are made of flexible polymer.

Gearbox this is a standard V2 unitproviding almost unlimited modification and power tuning possibilities. In spite of the electric drive, the rifleis equipped with a working dummy breechloader, which significantly increases the realism. Stock airsoft replicas has an adjustable cheek piece, rubber foot and a bracket to increase stability.

The set also includes adjusted, folding bi-pod mounted on the RIS rail and dummy PEQ box used as a battery compartment. Moreover, airsoft replica has 5 QD suspension sockets for any arrangement of the sockets (2 QD sockets are included in the set). 4 rIS rails with different lengths placed along the front will allow for any rifleka modification.

A magazine type hi-cap with a capacity of 150 rounds is included in the kit.

The kit includes:

– airsoft replica
– magazine
– bipod
– mount qD suspension – 2pcs.
– gun sling
– dummy PEQ box

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