RK-12 Carbine Replica

RK-12 Carbine Replica


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RK-12 Carbine Replica

An entire array of assault rifle replicas from beyond the eastern border belongs to the RK series by Boyi/Dboys. The use of good-quality materials and good alignment of their parts makes replicas look very solid and are an often choice by airsoft enthusiasts.

The replica was made using, among others, a steel plate. The receiver, dust cover, stock with the latch and a tactical sling swivel, fire mode selector, mock gas pipe and cleaning rod were all made of steel. Remaining metal elements were made of a uniform alloy of zinc and aluminum. The pistol grip, handguard and gas pipe cap were made from polymer.

RK-01 stock folds to the side of the receiver, which allows for reduction of the size of the replica. The stick type battery is stored under the dust cover. The replica can be partially disassembled like its live firearm original. It only lacks the screws, which is a result of a construction based on the VFC standard. The receiver is equipped with a “dovetail joint” side mounting rail.

The heart of the replica consists of a gearbox V3, which is characteristic for its long lifetime and being an excellent base for potential tuning. Inside the replica is a two-way going piston head; reinforced, ball bearing spring guide and 7 mm ball bearings. 

The replica comes with a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 500 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine

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