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LCT – RPKS74MN EBB Machine Gun Replica – Black


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LCT – RPKS74MN EBB Machine Gun Replica – Black


This light machine gun replica by LCT has been made practically entirely of steel. Steel parts include: the flash hider, the dust cover, the gas pipe, the bipod, the external barrel, the bolt carrier, the front sight base, the gas bend, the rear sight base, the handguard retainer, the cleaning rod and sights. Parts made from black nylon include the pistol grip, the stock and the handguard.

In combination with other well-made and well-aligned elements it creates an aesthetic, durable and quite heavy replica of a light machine gun.

This replica in EBB version features a complete, and to a large degree compliant with the original, bolt carrier. EBB recoil imitation system in this case is very noticeable due to the movement of the entire, complete bolt carrier not just a replica of the charging handle, as is the case in replicas by other manufacturers. Biggest satisfaction can be derived, of course, when the fire mode selector is set to full-auto!

The use of a modified gearbox frame was necessary for correct operation of the entire system. Another point of interest is the implementation of a full-steel, monolithic piston equipped with a special latch that is responsible to setting the entire bolt carrier group in motion. 

Remaining parts of the gearbox are fully compatible with gearbox V3 standard. 

The replica features a Hop-Up chamber made of polymer. Features a standard for AK replicas, very durable gearbox V3. Inside, there is also a reinforced ball bearing spring guide and a piston with 8 metal teeth. In addition, the gearbox features an air-sealed nozzle, cylinder head and ball bearing, air-sealed piston head.

A foldable, steel bipod, Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 600 BBs, an almost 600 mm long internal barrel and high durability make this LCT replica an ideal support weapon.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine

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