S226-S5 Pistol Replica



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    S226-S5 Pistol Replica

The replica is made almost entirely of out metal, with the exception of the plastic grip panels. Fitted with milling, the slide works very smoothly, and the replica itself is characterized by a high work culture and quality of workmanship of both the mechanism and external elements.

Located under the barrel is a 22 mm RIS rail that allows for mounting additional tactical accessories such as a flashlight or a laser sight. Due to its compact design and good balance, the replica is perfect for serving as a personal weapon.

Thanks to the use of carbon dioxide as a propulsion source, the replica has a reasonable initial muzzle velocity of ~ 400 FPS. It is worth pointing out that a significant amount of the gas is used with each shot fired to move the slide. Thanks to this extremely spectacular blow-back system, the replica guarantees an additional, unforgettable impression with each shot.

The type of gas used as a propulsion source allows the use of the replica also in conditions of low outdoor temperature. The drawback is the necessity of frequent maintenance and lubrication of the replica.

The use of an adjustable Hop-Up system guarantees a stable and extended flight path of the BB by motioning the projectile into reverse rotary motion.

    The set includes:

– replica
– magazine 

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