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SPECNA ARMS – 11.1V LiPo Battery 1300mAh 15/30C – Butterfly Configuration – Deans


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  • Product category: Batteries
  • Dimensions: 127 x 18 x 6mm x3
  • Weight: 100g
  • Plug connection: Deans/T-Connector
  • Charger included: No

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LiPo 11.1V 1300mAh 15/30C Battery – Butterfly Configuration – T-Connect Deans

Specna Arms exceeds the expectations of their customers by supplying the market with a diverse selection of powerful LiPo batteries that are designed to meet the requirements of each individual user. Whether you are looking for a battery that is stored in the stock, a battery that is stored in the handguard, or a battery that is stored in the laser sight case, all of these options and many more are included in the company’s product offering, which enables even longer game sessions.

The well-known LithiumIon (Lion) packs have been superseded by their successors, the Lithium-Ion-Polymer (LiPo) packs. The ratio of capacity to size is undeniably the most significant benefit that comes with using LiPo. Because the packs have a relatively compact size while yet keeping a very high electric efficiency, it is possible to choose a battery that is suitable for virtually any AEG replica. They do not have an influence on memory in any way. Can be charged quite regularly without having to first completely deplete the battery. It is best for all different kinds of batteries to be charged on a regular basis.

It is essential to keep in mind that a LiPo pack should not be discharged to a level of less than 3 V per cell and should not be overcharged to a level of more than 4.2 V per cell. The fact that LiPo packs have a relatively low rate of self-discharge is just another one of their many benefits. Every month, an unopened pack will lose between three and five percent of its total energy capacity. It is important to pay attention to an unused pack because there is a risk that as a result of not being used over a prolonged period of time it can be discharged below the acceptable minimal value (3 V per cell) and that accidental chemical reactions may occur, which lead to a deterioration of the pack’s properties including permanent damage and, in the worst case scenario, a fire. It is important to pay attention to an unused pack because there is a risk that as a result of not being used over A LiPo pack that has not been used should be charged to an average of 70 percent.

A LiPo pack has an exploitation time that ranges anywhere from 500 to 700 cycles if it is utilised correctly. The temperature range in which LiPo packs are able to function is an essential consideration. In contrast to other types of batteries, LiPo cells operate effectively even when the temperature is quite low. Nonetheless, they should be charged at a temperature equal to that of the surrounding air. In order to keep LiPo batteries in excellent condition, it is necessary to perform a balancing procedure on them while they are being charged using a service connector, which the vast majority of LiPo packs provide (a good LiPo charger features an in-built balancer).



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