SPECNA ARMS – LiPo 7,4V 1000mAh 30/60C (PEQ) Battery – T-Connect – Deans


Power Type

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  • Product category: Batteries & Chargers
  • Plug connection: Deans
  • Cell type: Li-Po
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 7.4V
  • Number of Cells: 2

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LiPo – 7,4V 1000mAh 30/60C (PEQ) Battery – T-Connect/Deans


Specna Arms goes above and beyond for their customers by offering many different types of high-capacity LiPo batteries for their products. Whether you’re in the market for a battery that can be kept in the stock, the handguard, or the laser sight casing, Specna Arms has you covered.

The common Lithium-Ion (LiIon) packs have been replaced with the more advanced Lithium-Ion-Polymer (LiPo) packs. Compared to other battery types, LiPo’s primary benefit is the size-to-capacity ratio. Almost every AEG replica may use any of a wide variety of packs because to their compact design and good electrical efficiency. They have no retention capability at all. It doesn’t need to be entirely discharged between charges, so you can charge it regularly. All battery types benefit from being charged often.

It is essential to keep in mind that a LiPo pack must not be discharged to less than 3 V per cell and must not be overcharged to more than 4.2 V per cell. The low self-discharge rate of LiPo packs is another perk. An unused pack will lose approximately 3 – 5% of energy per month. It’s crucial to keep an eye on a dormant pack since its qualities can deteriorate, including permanent damage and, in the worst case scenario, a fire, if the pack is discharged below the permitted minimal value (3 V per cell) and if chemical reactions occur accidentally. If a LiPo battery pack has been sitting around unused, it should be charged to about 70 percent.

Properly used, a LiPo pack has an exploitation period of on average 500 – 700 cycles. The range of temperatures in which a LiPo pack can function is crucial. LiPo cells, in contrast to other batteries, function effectively even when temperatures are quite low. Nonetheless, they should be charged at a temperature equal to that of the surrounding air. In order to keep LiPo batteries in good condition, it is necessary to perform a balancing procedure on them while they are being charged using a service connector, which the vast majority of LiPo packs include (a good LiPo charger features an in-built balancer).



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Power Type
  • Weapon category: Assault Rifles        ( or Product category)
  • FPS: 430
  • Length: 790-870mm
  • Inner barrel length: 350mm
  • Barrel thread type: 14mm CCW
  • Weight: 2810g
  • Material: Zin/Aluminium/Polymer/Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Magazine: Hi-Cap
  • Magazine capacity: 300
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Blowback: No
  • Selector mode: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Battery capacity: 
  • Plug connection: Tamiya