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SPECNA ARMS – RAA SA-E25 EDGE 2.0 Carbine Replica – Black


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SPECNA ARMS – RAA SA-E25 EDGE 2.0 Carbine Replica – Black


The EDGE 2.0  series adds fresh features and advancements to the tried-and-true design, giving the Specna Arms imitation family a totally new quality. Therefore, out of the box, Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 carbines offer an extraordinary high level of craftsmanship and technological progress.

What sets EDGE 2.0  apart from its predecessor?

– GATE ASTER ™ chip

– Solar ™ Trigger

– Helium ™ Flat Hop Up bucking

– High Torque engine

– ESA2 ™ quick spring change system

The replica bears authentic, authorised marks from Rock River Arms, the company that makes weapons. It is an American company that makes high-quality AR-15 carbines in particular, as well as gun parts and accessories. The business was established in 1996 by the Larson brothers and Les Baer and is headquartered in Colona, Illinois. Today, the DEA, FBI, and US Marshals anti-drug agency are just a few of the organisations that receive rifles from the RRA under contract.

In addition to the body finish and meticulous attention to every little detail, Nano Coating was also employed to protect each component of the replica from deterioration. Deeply carved Rock River Arms markings and a unique serial number with an extra hologram may be seen on the body. The QD pistol grip, which enables quick and simple engine access without the need for tools, and a double-sided tactical sling mounting eye are two of the most notable features.

A front M-LOK RRA Lightweight Free Float Rail, manufactured under licence by Rock River Arms, is included with the replica. The replica’s barrel is finished with a muzzle device that is attached to a 14mm CCW thread. On the replica’s reverse were folding sights.

The replica includes an inbuilt precision barrel with a 6.03 mm diameter that will guarantee flawless accuracy and precision of shots. The accuracy and precision of the BB can be adjusted more precisely and steadily thanks to a new style of rotating Hop-Up chamber that is compatible with the precision barrel.

The replica’s Helium Flat Hop bucking, which was fitted, will increase the accuracy of the shots and stabilise the BBs.

The replica comes with the ESA2 rapid spring changing mechanism. Simply unscrew the stock guide to gain access to the spring without having to remove or disassemble the gearbox, and the system will quickly and effectively alter the replica’s power to meet the demands of the playing field.

One cannot overstate the benefits of the ESA2 system. The primary spring of the replica may be rapidly and easily changed using the ESA2 technology, allowing you to modify the muzzle velocity to meet the needs of the game organiser. This ensures a perfect balance between your ability to make shots effectively, your safety, and the safety of other players. For indoor games, the entire package also includes a second M90 main spring.

The ORION gearbox, which is built on a reinforced chassis and contains the primary spring release mechanism, is the replica’s beating heart. The replica contains a lot of very high-quality components right out of the box, which helps it maintain a very positive work environment and ready for future adjustment. M140 springs are compatible with ORION Gearboxes.

The replica contains the following components:

– reinforced polymer piston made of steel

– light, polymer, double-sealed piston head with bearings

– aluminum, sealed nozzle

– aluminum, double sealed cylinder head

– a spring guide with bearings

– a set of steel gears – 8mm ball-bearing

Included in set: 

  • Carbine replica
  • Two S-Mag mid capacity magazine
  • M90 main spring
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Diagnostic card for GATE ASTER
  • Grip