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SPECNA ARMS – SA-S03 CORE™ Sniper Rifle Replica – Tan


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SPECNA ARMS – SA-S03 CORE™ High Velocity Sniper Rifle Replica – Tan

Specna Arms meets the expectations of clients by presenting the CORE™ line of products – an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market. An attractive price in combination with good performance straight out of the box as well as high-quality materials make this replica suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.

The High Velocity version has a modified internal build based on reinforced aluminium and steel parts. Thanks to these modifications, the rifle straight from the box achieves a muzzle velocity of nearly 500 FPS, while ensuring smooth operation of the mechanisms. The changes in the High Velocity version include:

– redesigned trigger unit with steel parts
– lightweight, CNC aluminium piston
– CNC aluminium spring guide
– high power main spring

Specna Arms sniper rifle replica features a simple and reliable bolt-action mechanism, which means the replica needs to be reloaded before firing. The replica is made of metal and reinforced polymer. Parts made of metal include the entire set of the external barrel along with the chamber, trigger and charging handle as well as RIS accessory rails and all assembly elements such as screws. The chassis with the stock, stock pad and the magazine were made of solid polymer. The stock pad features a comfortable, rubber pad, whose thickness can be adjusted using a set of exchangeable overlays. In combination with the adjustable cheek pad it enables adjusting the stock to user preferences.

The implementation of Ncore™ reinforced polymer makes the construction very durable and the matt finish of the chassis allows CORE™ sniper rifle replicas to strike quite an impression on the very first glance. In addition, metal elements feature a finish from Nano Coating that prevents scratches. The bolt carrier features laser-engraved Specna Arms markings.

The replica consists of two main elements: the chassis with the stock and the barrel with the chamber. It is a practical solution when it comes to transportation and the folding of the assembly of the replica into one requires only the use of three hex screws. Thanks to 22 mm RIS / Picatinny mounting rails, the replica can be equipped with any optics and additional accessories such as a bipod. The replica has two double-sided swivels for the attachment of a QD tactical sling. A comfortable safety is located next to the bolt carrier replica and can be operated with a thumb.

On the inside, the replica, apart from the Hop-Up chamber, cylinder head and the magazine, is fully-compatible with a popular on the market VSR-10, which enables an easy power tuning and a broad availability of spare parts. The adjustment slide for the Hop-Up chamber is located on the replica chassis, which enables a very simple and quick setting of the BB spin.

What’s important, the set even includes 3 magazines!

The set includes:

– replica
– 3 magazines
– polymer RIS mount
– set of hex keys for assembly
– User’s manua

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