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SPECNA ARMS – SA-V26 ONE Carbine Replica – Red Edition 2


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  • Weapon category: Assault Rifles
  • FPS: 430
  • Length: 790-870mm
  • Inner barrel length: 350mm
  • Barrel thread type: 14mm CCW
  • Weight: 2810g
  • Material: Zin/Aluminium/Polymer/Steel
  • Magazine: Hi-Cap
  • Magazine capacity: 300
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Blowback: No
  • Selector mode: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Quick Spring Change System: Yes
  • Battery included: No

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In stock

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SPECNA ARMS – SA-V26 ONE Carbine Replica – Red Edition 2


Specna Arms’ replica of the SA-V26 assault rifle is constructed primarily of a homogeneous zinc and aluminium alloy, with steel parts added to the replica’s weakest areas (steel elements – all the screws, pins and tactical sling swivels). The battery storage compartment of the SF stock and the pistol grip were both composed of polymer. Anodizing both the replica’s receiver and RIS handguard provides substantial protection against corrosion. Powder coating was used to apply the paint after the surface had been sandblasted in preparation for painting. The abrasion resistance of the painted surface is much improved as a result. The US Marine Corps emblem is on the receiver. The replica’s menacing demeanour is down to its two-toned paint job in black and crimson.

All of the replica’s components fit together neatly and evenly, a trait previously only noticeable in high-quality copies made by companies like G&P and Classic Army. Once the copy is slung over the shoulder, its light weight and nearly optimal mobility become immediately apparent.

The replica’s so-called Enter & Convert spring-release technology allows for instantaneous conversions. Once the gearbox has been removed from the replica’s body, the procedure of spring change takes mere seconds, allowing the replica’s power to be swiftly and easily adapted to the predicted conditions on the playing field without the need for access to a workshop or a set of special tools.

It’s difficult to emphasise the benefits of the Enter & Convert system. The technology provides the User a wide range of options and a great deal of freedom in light of the current trend across all of Europe to employ regulatory constraints regarding the muzzle velocity of replicas or internal regulations within specific groups. As a result of the Enter & Convert technology, the main spring can be swapped out in a matter of seconds, allowing the muzzle velocity to be fine-tuned for the specific playing field in order to strike a balance between the gun’s efficacy and the players’ and spectators’ safety.

The replica works perfectly with both LiPo and LiFe batteries. The reproduction is ideal for medium-range operations.

There are 8mm ball bearings, steel thread-wheels on spacers, and a steel main spring guide—all components of the Enter & Convert system—hidden inside the gearbox, which is reinforced at the height of the cylinder’s head. There are four anti-reversals in place to keep the system secure. A type 2 cylinder and the steel breaker are both present. Each replica comes equipped with a rotary type polymer Hop-Up device that provides precise and reliable control over BB overclocking straight from the factory.

There are some upgraded components within the New and Improved Model:

– Group of gears made of sturdy metal
– Steel spring as a bearing
– Piston made of a lightweight polymer
– Air-sealed piston made of aluminium; metal cylinder head and nozzle; metal nozzle with air seal

The replica has a KeyMod handguard, an adjustable stock, and a 22 mm top RIS rail. Metal flip-up iron sights are mounted to the top RIS rail and may be easily removed to allow place for the attachment of an optoelectronic aiming device of your choosing. The replica may be adjusted to the User’s preferred length thanks to its extendable stock and anti-slip stock pad. A silencer can be attached in place of a flash hider if the latter has a 14 mm left-handed thread.

Additionally, the replica has a working bolt-catch mechanism to increase the game’s realism.


Included in box:

  • Weapon replica
  • Steel Hi-cap magazine
  • Additional main spring

ATTENTION! The set does not include a battery or a charger.

Specna Arms product is free from harmful materials such as:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) 

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