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SPECNA ARMS -X01 EDGE 2.0 Submachine Gun replica – Half-tan


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SPECNA ARMS -X01 EDGE 2.0 Submachine Gun replica – Half-Tan

The SA-X01 EDGE 2.0 Submachine Gun Replica is a high-quality airsoft gun that combines a range of innovative features and solutions to improve its versatility, longevity, and performance.

The replica has a compact and ergonomic design, making it suitable for CQB games and as a sidearm for a sniper or LMG operator. It comes with an adjustable PDW stock, front RIS rail, and foldable iron sights.

The replica also features a 6.03 mm diameter internal precision barrel, rotary Hop-Up chamber, Helium Flat Hop bucking, and quick-change spring system (ESA™) for easy power adjustments.

The ORION gearbox is based on a reinforced chassis and equipped with the main spring release function, and the replica is powered by a powerful and efficient High Torque motor. The ASTER ™ system is a fourth-generation AEG control system that improves reliability and offers advanced features such as optical sensors, 250 trigger sensitivity settings, and protection against battery reverse polarity.

The set includes two S-MAG mid-cap magazines and a second spring M90 mainspring.

Please note that the set does not include a battery or charger.

The ESA™ system is a feature in airsoft replicas that allows for easy replacement of the main spring, enabling the user to adjust the velocity of the replica.

The ORION gearbox, which is the heart of the replica, is reinforced and equipped with a main spring release function. The replica also includes high-quality parts such as a reinforced polymer piston, a light polymer double-sealed piston head, an aluminum sealed nozzle, and a spring guide with bearings.

Additionally, it comes with a High Torque motor that is powerful and efficient, with strong neodymium magnets and a 22TPA winding, allowing it to handle stronger springs than those included in the set.

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