SRT-13 assault rifle replica


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Material: plastic + steel + ZnAl
Weight: 2330g
Length: 845-930mm
Colour: black
Initial muzzle velocity: ~410 FPS
Drive: electrical
Manufacturer: SPARTAC

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SRT-13 assault rifle replica

A series of replicas under SPARTAC logo is trying to meet the needs of those who are looking for good quality for reasonable price. The main factor allowing to lower the price is substitution of metal by good quality plastic in production of some elements including the receiver. Nevertheless, fully metal gearbox and great quality mechanical parts used inside make SPARTAC as efficient tools at the battlefield, as much more expensive analagues are.

Majority of the main components of the replica was made of plastic. These are: the receiver, the dust cover, the magazine, mock gas pipe, base of the front sight, the stock. The outer barrel, fire selector and the sling catch were made of steel which is quite rare even with more expensive replicas of that kind – especially when concerns barrels.

SRT-13 was equipped with an ergonomic, profiled pistol grip and front conversion with 22mm RIS mounting rails. They allow to equip the rifle with wide range of additional accessories, from scope to tactical light. A foldable vertical front grip goes together with the replica. The replica is also equipped with a telescopic regulated stock, known from M4 replicas.

As soon as you unwrap the replica you can notice the perfect matching of the elements. Besides the fact that many of the elements are made of plastic, we will feel neither  backlashes nor unpleasant material cracking known from majority of “cheaper” replicas. The stick type battery is situated inside under the dust cover. It goes together with the rifle, so everything we need in action,. we will find in the transportation carton.

Access to hop-up system regulation is achieved in a standard way: by pulling the reload handle. On the right side of the body there is a fire selector/muse. The heart of the replica is a fully metal v.3 type gearbox known for its durability and reliability; thanks to the gearbox the replica achieves over ~410 FPS of intial muzzle velocity. Due to almost 455mm long inside barrel, the shots from SPARTAC are distant and accurate.

A ‘Waffle’ type plastic hi-cap magazine of the capacity of 500 BBs goes together with the replica.

Additional accessories shown in photographs are not included in the kit!

Warning! The set doesn’t include the battery nor charger.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– RIS mounted vertical front grip
– sling
– cleaning rod
– manual

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