Telescope OPTICON Apollo 70F300AZ

Telescope OPTICON Apollo 70F300AZ


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A powerful lens is a core element of a professional Opticon Apollo telescope. It provides you with bright, contrastive and crystal clear images of remote objects. Such a sizeable objective enables you to get an exceptionally wide visual range  the telescope depicts a larger piece of the sky. The Barlow lens, specifically designed to fit this particular model, enables tripling of the magnifying scope.

Regardless of whether your passion are stars or the Moon – Opticon Apollo will prove a great choice.

A special replaceable contrastive filter designed for Moon observations improves the quality of images when the Moon is full.

Due to its small size and uncomplicated handling, Apollo is particularly recommended to the inexperienced ones as their first telescope. Apollo will be much appreciated by anyone who mostly seeks convenience. Because of a very wide visual range, we were able to entirely eliminate the finderscope.

Along with the telescope you will receive all the tools, essential when setting off to a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programmes, guidebooks, an HD documentary in DVD version. Only now, you will also get an exclusive 3D picture gallery and a pair of 3D glasses.

By purchasing Opticon Apollo telescope you win solid and tested equipment, along with a full 2-year long warranty coverage of the producer. The telescope is recommended by users all over the world.

Opticon telescope appeared on the first page of an article issued by a prestigious LOGO magazine (10/2011).

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