Telescope OPTICON Finder 40F400AZ

Telescope OPTICON Finder 40F400AZ


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Superlight, portable refractor designed for those enthusiastic ones who are just at the start of their adventure with astronomy. It was created to enable observing stars, the Moon and the brightest of planets. Folded, the telescope perfectly fits into a backpack and can be easily taken along for a mountain trek. Thanks to a convenience fastener, mounting of the telescope proves extremely simple and fast. It takes literally a few seconds to set the telescope ready.

Significantly, despite a small size of the telescope, an additional finderscope was not eliminated, as it makes it easy to aim fast moving objects (satellites, birds, vehicles). The product was equipped with a compass, which helps to determine directions in the field, as well as in the sky and establish coordinates of the aim.

Finder telescope’s a piece of marvelous equipment for beginners and young explorers who want by themselves discover the beauty of the moon and the solar system. It’s a perfect idea for a gift for a young scientist in the form of a high-quality educational accessory that can be also used for fun.

Finder is a brand product. Thanks to high quality of the lenses, the telescope provides you with bright and clear images of the observed objects. Along with the telescope you will receive all the tools, essential when setting off to a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programmes, guidebooks, an HD documentary, as well as two posters depicting maps of both the Moon and The Solar System.

The telescope comes in a package with two computer programmes on DVD. One of them – colourful planetarium – presents occurrences in the Sky as well as current locations of the planets and constellations. The second one, Virtual Moon Atlas, is a graphical atlas of the Moon which contains hundreds of descriptions of the structures on its surface.

The telescope is equipped with a replaceable contrastive filter enabling Moon observations, and noticing a number of details (of seas, mountains and craters) when the Moon is full.

Opticon Finder is a versatile educational instrument, which is perfect for both amateurs and professionals – in hunting, ornithology, mounting of masts and radio aerials etc.

Opticon telescope appeared on the first page of an article issued by a prestigious LOGO magazine (10/2011).

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