Telescope OPTICON Perceptor EX 60F900AZ

Telescope OPTICON Perceptor EX 60F900AZ


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An improved version of Perceptor, which appeared on the first page of an article issued in a prestigious LOGO magazine (10/2011). It is a sizeable and extremely universal telescope of a large potential for observations. The design is all about easy handling and powerful magnification. Due to focal length and aperture enlargement, the telescope gives you light focus capacity by even 44% higher and magnification by 125% stronger that Perceptor Light. Significantly, such good results were achieved without a directly proportional price growth.

High quality of lenses gives you bright, clear and contrastive images of stars, planets and the Moon.

Unlike its lighter equivalent, a standard version of Perceptor is equipped with 3 interchangeable eye-pieces. Thanks to the enhanced azimuthal head with precision regulation, the telescope proves much more stable. This particular type of head is extremely easy to handle and is recommended to beginners. A dedicated Barlow lens enables triple magnifying scope.

For production of Opticon telescopes we use only highest quality materials. A special replaceable contrastive filter for Moon observations improves the quality of images when the Moon is full, which makes it possible to notice the whole range of fascinating details – mountains, seas and craters. The telescope is equipped with an additional finderscope, enabling easy object aiming.

Along with the Perceptor telescope you will receive all the tools necessary when setting off to a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programs, practical guidebooks, an HD documentary on DVD and a superb, richly illustrated book entitled “Starry Trail” elaborated by experts for enthusiastic beginners in particular. Only now, you will also get an exclusive 3D picture gallery and a pair of 3D glasses.

This telescope looks elegant and classy, which makes it a perfect decorative element of any room or study.

All Opticon telescopes are tested by experts and are covered with a full 2-year warranty of the producer.

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