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Optical system : Reflector (mirror telescope)
Magnification : 150 x
Diameter : 76 mm
Focal lenght : 300 mm
Aperture range : f/8
Resolving power : 1,52″
Magnitudo : 11,9 mag
Focuser : 1,25″
Mounting type : Dobson

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Educational instrument recommended by experts
Perfect as a gift

A sizeable table-top type astronomical telescope, designed for astronomy lovers and the youngest ones. The telescope is uncomplicated to operate and has been created in order to derive maximum joy from observations. No wonder its construction is recommended by renowned world astronomical organisations. Impressive performance of the telescope is guaranteed thanks to the primary mirror of a 76 mm diameter and 300 mm focal length. Together with high quality lenses the instrument delivers bright, clear and contrastive images of stars, planets and the Moon. Only now, along with the telescope, you will receive a special contrast boosting filter for the Silver Globe observations, which improves the image when the Moon is full and makes it possible to observe thousands of fascinating details – mountains, seas and lots of craters.

StarQuest was equipped with two interchangeable eyepieces and a Barlow lens, which raises the magnification even three times! Regardless the small size, the instrument is compatible with most 1,25” standard accessories. This means, components of much bigger and more expensive telescopes can be used, which enables the telescope’s upgrade.

A wooden base, designed by the legendary John Dobson, is stable and durable. At the same time it occupies very little room. The telescope is so easy to operate that even a child can manage it. This is a great alternative to anyone who simply have no space for a classic, full size telescope. Opticon StarQuest is great for small balconies – show your nearest and dearest the space without having to leave home!

OPTICON brand has been well known across the Europe for years now. Our customers do not only appreciate the quality of our products but also their design. It is no different in case of StarQuest, whose ergonomic shape and subtle colouring, will certainly enhance any interior.

Along with the telescope you get anything that is necessary when setting off to a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programmes, practical guides, HD documentary film on DVD and a fine, richly illustrated book “Starry Trail”, elaborated by experts for beginning astronomy lovers in particular. Only now, you will also receive an exclusive 3D gallery and 3D glasses.

All Opticon telescopes are tested by specialists and covered with a full 2 year warranty of the producer.

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