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A professional telescope for all
Large magnification and an excellent quality of image

A universal astronomic telescope – perfect for Moon, planet, galaxy, nature and landscape observations. StarRider is easy to operate and exhibits great potential, which proves satisfactory for both amateurs and professionals. Magnification range stretches to even 525x!. Top class lenses are coated with MC layers, which allows for examining Moon’s surface – mountains, valleys, craters. Perfect contrastive images allow for observing Jupiter’s natural satellites, as well as straps of clouds on the planet’s surface, Saturn’s planetary rings and Venus’ phases. The telescope depicts stunning images of the Milky Way – there are also numerous galaxies within its scope. By day you can watch planes passing by at cruising altitudes.

The telescope is mounted onto a solid tripod with a head equipped with slow motion controls. This makes aiming and following objects extremely easy and convenient. Finderscope also proves useful.

The telescope has got a universal Dovetail rail – all components are compatible with professional standards. It is therefore possible to extend the construction with additional elements.

Along with the telescope you will receive all the tools necessary when setting off to a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programs, practical guidebooks, an HD documentary on DVD and a superb, richly illustrated book entitled “Starry Trail” elaborated by experts for enthusiastic beginners in particular. Only now, you will also get an exclusive 3D picture gallery and a pair of 3D glasses.

Opticon telescopes are made of top quality materials.

All Opticon telescopes are tested by experts and are covered with a full 2-year warranty of the producer.

Opticon telescope appeared on the first page of an article issued by the prestigious LOGO magazine (10/2011).

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