Teleskop OPTICON StarRanger 45F600AZ

Teleskop OPTICON StarRanger 45F600AZ


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Educational instrument recommended by experts
Perfect gift

A twin version of a fine and valued Opticon Perceptor LIGHT. We managed to lower the price while keeping optical properties alike. The most fundamental advantage of this telescope is the high quality of lenses, which makes StarRanger perfect for watching stars, planets and the Moon.

StarRanger telescope’s a piece of marvelous equipment for beginners and young explorers who want by themselves discover the beauty of the moon and the solar system. It’s a perfect idea for a gift for a young scientist in the form of a high-quality educational toy that can be also used for fun.

In the process of production Opticon utilises only highest quality materials. A dedicated Barlow lens allows for even tripling of the magnification. The telescope is additionally equipped with a finderscope, which makes aiming objects a simple task.

Along with StarRanger you get anything you might need to step into a fascinating realm of astronomy: sky maps, computer programmes, practical guides, HD documentary film on DVD. Only now, you will also receive an exclusive 3D gallery and 3D glasses.

Do not underestimate the elegant and classic appearance of the scope, which makes it a unique decoration in any room or study. All Opticon telescopes are tested by specialists and covered with a full 2 year warranty of the producer.

Opticon telescope appeared on the first page of an article issued by a prestigious LOGO magazine (10/2011).

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