TITAN™ V2 BASIC [Front Wired] Controller Set


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TITAN™ V2 BASIC [Front Wired] Controller Set

Drop-In MOSFET type TITAN™ V2 controller set transforms an AEG into an advanced training replica. It provides a tactical advantage thanks to a lightning-fast trigger reaction time with the ability to modify the replica and adapt it to every mission with the help of 20 available functions. This is the most advanced and top model by GATE. 

TITAN™ V2 controller will breathe new life into an ASG electric replica.

Modules in BASIC version have following features:

– AUG mode
– diagnostics function
– firmware updates
– cycle detection
– trigger sensitivity adjustment

ATTENTION! In order to unlock all functions of ADVANCED version, it is necessary to purchase FIRMWARE UPGRADE for ADVANCED version on www.gatee.eu/editions website.

TITAN™ module capabilities:
– Trigger sensitivity adjustment
– Pre-cocking boost – adjustment of the time that the spring is being kept pulled (shortens the time between a squeeze of the trigger and firing)
– Adjustment of fire mode selector modes
– Burst mode
– Fire rate adjustment
– Notifies about a low battery level
– Protects battery from damage
– “Sniper delay”
– Full cycle detection
– AUG mode – the ability to set two trigger sensitivities (semi and full-auto)

More comprehensive description of TITAN™ controller:

Five sensors that allow controlling the trigger sensitivity. There is no need to disassemble the replica, all that is necessary is to use the Tactical Programmer Card or GATE™ control station. It will allow adapting the replica to the skills and individual preferences of the User.

Two sensors can be programmed in three ways to select one of 6 functions:
– SAFE-SEMI-BURST*/AUTO (short squeeze-and-hold – BURST, long trigger squeeze-and-hold AUTO)
– SAFE-BURST*-AUTO (SAFE via a rapid mode selection, when: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)
*BURST means firing a series of rounds.

TITAN™ control unit can accurately detect the position that a cycle should end at. Thanks to that, the squeeze of a trigger causes a completion of a full firing cycle (replicas without TITAN™ system often jam when the trigger has been squeezed for a too short of a time if it does not end with a shot. TITAN™ eliminates this defect.).
This results in:
– Automatic BURST mode, there is no need to set the time of the cycle of this series, the only thing necessary is to determine how many BBs are to be fired
– Automatic Pre-Cocking, which is available in every mode in the following fire mode selector settings: SEMI BURST and AUTO. In comparison to ordinary MOSFET modules, there is no need to configure this setting manually. All that is required is to set the power of the spring pre-cocking.
– ALWAYS COMPLETED FULL CYCLE – when pre-cocking is turned-off, TITAN™ will ensure that the gearbox will complete a full cycle and after firing the spring will be released. Thanks to this, a greater reliability of the replica is achieved.

Winning a duel often depends on fractions of a second, that is why thanks to pre-cocking the trigger reacts with a speed that can be compared to that of a real firearm. The spring is pulled beforehand, so at the same time, we caution that usage of this mode with powerful springs will lead to a faster wear of internal parts of a replica.
There are two modes of PRE-COCKING function:
1. AUTO – the spring is pulled after every shot
2. SMART – the spring is pulled in advance by a slow squeeze of the trigger and a shot is fired by a rapid squeeze.
Three modes of operation can programmed for PRE-COCKING: HIGH / MID / LOW – each regulates the spring sprain in different levels

*PRE-COCKING mode operates now in all fire mode selector modes: SEMI, BURST, AUTO and does not require manual calibration

BURST (Gen.2)
BURST mode, i.e. firing with a pre-programmed series of rounds requires only the selection of the amount of BBs to be fired (up to 10 BBs per trigger squeeze). It is very useful in all MILSIMs or when using real/low-cap magazines.

This allows to reduce the rate of fire of the replica. This allows to use more powerful Li-Po batteries and still maintain a rate of fire compliant with real firearms.

Allows to change the way ROF CONTROL operates:
– ON – RoF Control regulates the cycle speed, which allows a gearbox to operate smoothly and with a lesser wear of the replica’s internal parts
– OFF – RoF control adds pauses between every shot in order to reduce the rate of fire. This provides very realistic experience.

This function allows to set a delay between every shot in SEMI mode in order to simulate reload delay or recoil compensation. It is possible to set the following delay: 0.5 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s and 3.0 s.

A detailed description of all functions is available on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.gatee.eu/

The full manual is available at the below address:


The set includes:

– TITAN with BASIC firmware

NOTICE! In order to configure TITAN, you need the USB-Link or Tactical Programming Card which is not included in this kit.
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