TM-M1911 pistol replica

TM-M1911 pistol replica


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pistol replica

The TM-M1911 pistol replica made by the widely-known
Tokyo Marui company. The main construction of
this pistol was made of durable plastic material. The high-class of the
production and a proper fitting guarantees a smooth and precise work of the
replica. Despite the composite construction the perfectly working blow-back
system guarantees a hard “kick” of the replica during the shot.

The replica is equipped with a classical, one sided safety switch blocking
the trigger mechanism and disallowing a random shot. The access to the safety
switch is very easy – the switch is located within the range of the thumb.
Moreover, there is an additional rear pressure safety. It demands a proper grip
of the replica what surely influences the accuracy of our shots.


The replica is fed by a
two-row magazine holding 26 6mm BB pellets. There is also a green gas tank in
the magazine. As it befits Tokyo Marui, a high-class made comes with accuracy.
Although the replica has only 300FPS, the BB pellets go as straight as you can


    The set includes:

– the replica,
– a magazine,
– an additional BB pellet tappet,

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