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VORSK – Bio 0.25g 3600 Rounds Bottle


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Type BIO
Weight 0.25g
Package Bottle
Weight  900 g
Rounds 3600

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VORSK – Bio 0.25g 3600 Rounds Bottle


The 6mm Airsoft Ammunition offered by VORSK is crafted to the highest standards to guarantee elite flight performance. Precision moulding techniques are used in the production process, and ongoing, continuous quality control is implemented to guarantee that the finished product meets the high standards set by our customers.


What exactly is in the BB’s?

Standard VORSK BB’s are manufactured of PS (Polystyrene), while Bio-Degradable versions are made of PLA (Polyactic Acid). Natural minerals that are neither poisonous nor metallic are used to increase weight.

The Bio-Degradable BBs are in compliance with DIN EN 13432:2000 | ISO 14855-1:2012, an internationally recognised ISO standard for Controlled Aerobic Compositing.



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