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VORSK – V8 Performance GBB Fuel – Gas


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The designers of VORSK, who are responsible for the most popular GBB Airsoft brand, are experts in the physics and performance of gas air flow mechanics. In an effort to perfect their replicas, they have collaborated with top-tier producers of Airsoft Gas to develop their own GBB Fuel in the forms of the V6, V8, and V12.

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VORSK – V8 Performance GBB Fuel – Gas


When it comes to airsoft gas, though, more isn’t necessarily better; you have to use the right formula.

The “Expansion Rate” of an Airsoft gas is a crucial characteristic, since it indicates how quickly the gas may transform between its liquid and gaseous states. This rate is temperature dependent, which is why stronger gases are used by players during the colder months.

For a number of reasons, this “Expansion Rate” is crucial.

If the magazine’s reservoir is too tiny in relation to the gas’s power rating, the user will run out of gas before emptying the magazine.

Colder temperatures slow expansion rates, hence players may need to upgrade from V6 to V8 or V8 to V12 in order to retain their frame rates.



Customers can use PSI ratings to determine what gas is best for their replica. There is a direct correlation between the pressure rating and the gas formulation held within the container. Customers should anticipate an FPS increase of +4-8% (V8) and +10-15% (V12) compared to V6 GBB Fuel, if the weather cooperates.


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