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LCT – King Arms – VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle Replica – Black/Wood


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LCT – King Arms – VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle Replica – Black/Wood


The long-awaited Russian VSS Vintorez sniper rifle replica from King Arms is finally available. An object of desire for many enthusiasts of Russian weaponry, STALKER universe and more. It was made with great attention to details and keeping the dimensions, weight and structural details correct to those of the original firearm.

Highest quality materials were used in the production process of the airsoft Vintorez. The integral, one-piece silencer was made from 6061 aluminium using CNC technology. The receiver cover charging handle were made from steel. Other metal parts, including lower receiver, fire and safety selector and trigger guard were made from homogenous zinc and aluminium alloy. The front grip, just like in the real firearm, was made from black polymer with grainy surface.

When taken out from the box the first thing that catches the eye is the stock made from natural painted wood – it gives the replica an unique look. The stock ends with comfortable pad made from thick rubber. The replica is partially dissembled like real firearm. The receiver cover, silencer and stock can be dismantled by pressing the securing bolts. On the left side of the receiver there is a SWD type side mounting rail allowing installation of original optical scopes (PSO-1 scope for instance).

Safety lever is located on the right side of the receiver and resembles that of an AK rifle. Fire selector switch, just like in original firearm, is located inside the trigger guard, just behind the trigger. The accumulator can be stored inside the silencer, the manufacturer recommends the use of three-part LiPo accumulator (a special connector is included in the set) but other stick type accumulators can be used without a problem. Thanks to aforementioned securing bolt button the silencer dismantling can be done without any tools in just few seconds.

VSS Vintorez is equipped with reliable v.3 gearbox with 7mm bearings, which is ready for tuning and produces muzzle velocity of ~400 FPS straight out of the box. This combined with long 420mm inner barrel makes it a perfect weapon for medium or even long range engagements. Inside there is an air-tight pneumatic system with high quality hop-up chamber and bucking.

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