WARFET v1.1 MOSFET Circuit



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Measurements: 55 x 19 x 7 mm
Weight: 10 g
Manufacturer: Gate

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WARFET MOSFET Module with Programmer

WARFET is the newest generation MOSFET module, intended for usage in AEG replicas. It is the most advanced electronic module available on the market and at the same time the simplest in use and, most of all, in programming. The use of newest technological solutions in MOSFET production allowed to construct a small, but very advanced and durable module. Controller installation does not require tampering with the insides of a replica – it is limited to connecting the module between the battery and the replica’s connectors. DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY SOLDERING!

Programming card (not included in the set) allows to program the module at any moment, in any situation, in any conditions. Both the module and the card have MIL-V-173C military standard certificate of resistance to weather conditions. This allows the user to be certain that this advanced module will never fail. Apart from that, the entire set was made compatible with Li-Po batteries. It will work with batteries of voltage from 7,4V to 14,8V. In-built safeguards protect the Li-Po battery from over-discharge, which might damage it.

The module allows to program following options:

Pre-cocking – after each shot it puts strain on the spring in order to shorten the period of time between a shot and squeeze of a trigger. The level of this option can be programmed via Pre-cocking boost option so that it limits the exploitation of a gearbox or even more reduce the reaction time – by forcing increased strain and exploitation of parts.

Active brake – function of active brake. Reduces the exploitation of parts by preventing overstraining the spring after each shot. This option will be much loved by power-tuned replicas. For use with semi fire. Full auto fire with this option will cause empty shots.

Smart trigger – this option should be used with burst fire, allows to reduce the rate of fire of shots in burst mode. Rate of fire is controlled via ROF CONTROL option.

Dark mode – turns off the controller LED, which is turned on upon the squeeze of a trigger.

Burst time – this option allows to program the length of a burst, which influences the amount of shots in a burst.

– The last option allows to determine the fire mode selector settings. The module can work with advanced fire mode selectors -one and -two wire trigger mechanisms. Settings for stock wiring have two available options: SEMI/AUTOSEMI/BURST. However, in the case of modified wirings, three options are available: SEMI/AUTOSEMI/BURSTBURST/AUTO.

Detailed description of all functions is available on the manufacturer’s website:  http://www.gatee.eu

Full manual is available under the below address:


The set includes:

– WARFET module

– Battery-AEG Tamiya small adapter

– AEG-battery Tamiya small adapter

– pair of Deans-T connectors

– single trigger cable

– double trigger cable

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