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The Imperium of Man makes use of some of the oldest technology that is still operational, including the Imperial Knights. They were initially utilised by early colonists as construction vehicles when they were in the beginning stages of space exploration. The first colonies were established, and over the course of time, they gradually transformed into feudal nations that were dominated by aristocratic lords. Their knights eventually transformed into walking suits of armour that displayed the colours of the house. Knights were used to defend their domains and offer security against adversaries like as roving Orks and land-hungry Eldar Exodites. These opponents were able to defeat the Knights because to their strong weaponry.

The apex of a house’s honour, power, and money is represented by its knights. Although if the person who pilots such inventions is normally the master of the house of their heir, the fact that one is chosen to do so is still an extremely prestigious honour. Imperial Knights are much better suited to the mobile style of warfare that is prevalent among the nobility of their native Knight Worlds due to their size. Despite the fact that Imperial Knights are much smaller and less powerful than full-sized Titans, their size makes them much better suited to the style of combat that is used. These gigantic mechanised combat machines have the potential to swing the balance of power in a conflict.

This is one of the largest plastic kits ever produced by Games Workshop, and it is loaded to the gills with potent, long-range armament that gives you a variety of options for how to pack your loadout.

This Multipart plastic set allows you to build yourself any of the Questoris Class Knight Variants, including – Knight Paladin, Knight Crusader, Knight Warden, Knight Errand, Knight Preceptor and the intensely feared Canis Rex.

This set includes the following multipart plastic models:

  • 1x Multi-Part Kit Knight Questoris Miniature
  • Has a huge vairety of weapons to choose from
    • 1x Arm-Mounted reaper Chainsword
    • 1x Thunderstrike Gauntlet
    • 1x Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon
    • 1x Avenger Gatling Cannon
    • 1x Thermal annon
    • 1x Las-Impulser
  • Chose of weapons for the hull
    • Heavy Stubber
    • Multi Laser
    • Meltagun
  • The carapace can be mounted with a variety of weapons
    • Twin-Linked Icarus Autocannons
    • Ironstorm Missile Pod
    • Stormspear Rocket Pod
  • Wealth of Cosmetic Options
    • Tilting Plates
    • Carapace Icons
    • Banners
    • Faceplates
  • 1x Household Scion on foot Miniature
  • 1x 170mmx109mm Oval Base
  • 25mm Round Base
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