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Primaris Repulsor Executioner

Even though some Chapters utilise Repulsor Executioners as armoured escorts for their specialised troop-carrying tanks, many Chapters prefer to use them as transports for Hellblasters and other specialist Primaris squads instead. When operating in this capacity, the tanks rumble over the battlefield with their cannons firing. The Executioners unleash fusillade after punishing fusillade, their primary armaments combining with a plethora of secondary weaponry to blast the adversary into ruin. Whether armed with macro plasma incinerators or massive laser destroyers, the Executioners unleash fusillade after punishing fusillade.

The Repulsor Executioner is the most heavily equipped combat tank that the Adeptus Astartes has access to. It features a primary turret-mounted armament that can be either a heavy laser destructor or a macro plasma incinerator, and it also has a coaxial heavy onslaught gatling cannon. In addition to this, your Repulsor Executioner will be equipped with a hull-mounted twin heavy bolter, two krakstorm grenade launchers, two storm bolters, a dual Icarus ironhail heavy stubber, an ironhail heavy stubber, and a twin heavy stubber, so it won’t be short in firepower at all! You have the option of enhancing this offensive capabilities with a set of defensive auto launchers and even an Icarus rocket pod for additional protection against aerial threats.

This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 150-components. It can be assembled with or without a gunner, who can be built scanning with an auspex or with his hands on the trigger of the pintle-mounted ironhail heavy stubber. There are also eight separate pieces of optional stowage and two antennae that can be used to decorate the vehicle as desired. The kit is supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round Base and clear hover stand, which can be set at an angle, adding a certain degree of camber to your model.

Warhammer 40,000 rules for this vehicle can all be found in its assembly guide (included in the set).

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